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Warranty and maintenance

Service you can trust.

Reliable, professional, fast. Professional maintenance by safe producer Paritet-K – Griffon safes.

Our service department provides full range of works for warranty and after-warranty maintenance of safes and equipment:

  • Answer for any questions you have using your safe.
  • Equipment diagnostics. To know the reason of malfunction and maintenance.

  • Safe/Door opening. Lock change (key locks, electronic code locks, mechanical combination locks and etc.).

  • Get documents duplicates. Safe’s passport, certificate for the Paritet-K – Griffon safes products.

  • Consultations and user guide. How to treat your safe right.

  • Our service-man will come to any part of Ukraine

Warranty service is provided within the warranty obligations mentioned in product passport.

Warranty maintenance is provided when:

  • There is a product passport (properly filled in by the seller).
  • Warranty seal integrity.
  • No signs of intrusion into safe construction.
  • Compliance with transportation, usage and storage conditions.

Warranty period:

  • Warranty for safe construction (bolt-works system, hinges, body) is 5 years.
  • Warranty for locks – 1 year.

After-warranty maintenance:

  • Our service department provides all kinds of works for after-warranty maintenance.  
  • Call us to get the price.

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Service department contacts:

tel: (050) 444-64-21
[email protected]
Nizhin, 16610 Chernigiv region, Ukraine, Nosivskyi shliakh,