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Where can a gun safe be installed?

Where can a gun safe be installed?

Weapon owners know that they must be stored in a secure location. The law provides for special requirements for weapon safes. The rules for installing a safe for storing weapons are quite simple, but if they are not followed, you can remain unarmed.

It must be borne in mind that the box in which the weapon is stored must be secured. Often such products are tall, so the upper attachment point must be placed as close as possible to the top of the metal box. If you screw it only from the bottom, then it will remain unstable. A large gap is formed and the safe can be unscrewed.

What types of weapon safes are there?

Before you install a gun safe, you need to choose the right one. In this case, size is important. The assembled weapon should freely enter the box, and it is necessary to leave a small gap in height so that it is more convenient to get it. When choosing a safe, consider the longest shotgun in the collection. In the presence of optics, it is necessary to select a box whose depth will be less than 350 mm, in which case it will not have to be constantly removed.

Before the installation of a weapon safe in an apartment is carried out, it is necessary to determine its type. Weapon safes are:

●     Hunting. Such a storage should have more than two locking mechanisms. Experts believe that it is better to select different types of constipation. The walls of a metal cabinet must be more than 2 mm thick and must be classified as non-combustible. Inside, a compartment should be provided in which cartridges and gunpowder will be stored. It must be closed separately, the wall thickness is at least 3 mm.

●     For rifled weapons. Used to store shotguns, carbines and rifles. The bezel should be 3-5mm thick. There must be a separate cartridge compartment inside. The safe is equipped with a lodgment. Each gun is secured with this special mount.

●     Pistol. Traumatic and short-barreled weapons can be stored inside. The thickness of the metal for the manufacture of the walls must be at least 2 mm. Inside, there must be a tracer that allows you to separate the ammunition and the pistol. It is attached to the wall or inside furniture. It is necessary that the door be equipped with a special protection plate. Thanks to it, it is impossible to drill the locking mechanism.

The safe must be burglar and fire resistant.

Rules for installing a safe for weapons

Many gun owners are wondering how to install a gun safe? First of all, you need to find the right place for it. It should be at a distance of at least half a meter from windows and one and a half meters from the front door.

Weapons must be kept in the premises where their owner lives. Installing a gun safe at home should be done in a location that is most difficult to break into. It can be mounted in a corner, niche, opening or inside furniture. For storing weapons, metal boxes or specially made safes are used. It is important that weapons that are stored are in a discharged state. The law does not provide for the mandatory fastening of the safe to the floor and walls, but this must be done in order to protect loved ones. The installation of a safe for weapons should not be carried out near heating appliances and heating objects. In the event that more than three firearms are stored in the house, the safe or the room should be equipped with an alarm.    

After deciding where to install the safe for weapons, you need to install it. If you have the skills and tools, you can do it yourself. Another option would be to call specialists who know exactly how to properly install a gun safe. It must be securely fixed to the floor and / or wall by means of anchors to prevent the possibility of removal. The ideal option would be to call an installation specialist before purchasing the safe, he will be able to pinpoint the right place and suggest the right model.

A wide range of weapon safes are presented in the catalog of the Griffonsafes online store. The company's specialists will answer any questions.