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Safe for weapons: requirements Ukraine

Requirements for a weapon safe Ukraine

For the purpose of self-defense in case of illegal penetration of intruders into the territory of an apartment or house, many individuals acquire different types of weapons. Also, those who like to hunt small or large animals and birds often buy not one, but several types of hunting rifles at once. This raises the question of their safe storage. Due to the fact that all types of firearms are items of increased danger, strict requirements are imposed on the conditions for their storage. They are enshrined in special decrees at the legislative level, failure to comply with any of the prescribed points entails punishment, up to and including confiscation of weapons.

Owners do not have the right to transfer weapons and cartridges to them to unauthorized persons, they are fully responsible for compliance with certain standards. To accommodate one or more types of traumatic or hunting weapons, special boxes made of wood, lined with iron, metal cabinets or specialized safes are used. A safe for any weapon is chosen not only according to personal preferences, all the necessary requirements must be met without fail. To exclude the possibility of a purchase mismatch, you should familiarize yourself with them in more detail.

Requirements for a safe for storing traumatic, hunting (rifled or smooth-bore) weapons

There is an order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to which civilians have the opportunity to obtain a license to own the following types of weapons:

●     smooth-bore weapons - for persons over 21 years old;

●     hunting rifled weapons - for persons over 25 years old;

●     cold and pneumatic - from 18 years old.

At the same time, the person who received the license must have no medical contraindications and previous convictions. Weapons should be stored at the place of permanent registration in a specialized safe. The requirements for safes for storing hunting weapons are more stringent. Before you hide a firearm in a safe, it must be discharged without fail.

The keys to the safe are kept by the owner of the weapon license. Access to them by strangers is strictly prohibited (family members and children are also included in this category). The wall thickness of the safe must be at least 2 mm.

An important point is the type of locking mechanism, it can be:

●     mechanical combination lock;

●     electronic combination lock;

●     traditional lock with keys;

●     combined locking mechanism.

A pistol safe, a weapon safe can belong to different classes (burglar-resistant, pistol, hunting), the main thing is that all the necessary requirements are taken into account. If the structure will be additionally attached to a wall or floor, it is important to make sure that there are special anchor points. Law enforcement officials may visit your home to check that the conditions for storing weapons are being observed and, if they are violated, take appropriate action.

How to choose a safe for a traumatic pistol, rifled hunting weapon, observing all the requirements (Ukraine)?

Ignorance of the basic provisions on the observance of the rules for storing firearms does not absolve from responsibility in case of their violation. It is worthwhile to carefully study all the characteristics of weapon safes and, if necessary, check with the suppliers all the nuances you are interested in. The most famous company on the domestic market is Paritet-K, which produces safes of the brands GRIFFON, MySafe, HUNTER. Their products are used by those who take into account the requirements for weapon safes. The variety of designs makes it easy to integrate the wardrobe into any interior. Optionally, you can order a budget or luxury model. The latter may include armored glass inserts on the doors. This is especially true for those who collect weapons.

Pay attention to the internal structure of the cabinet, it may include special compartments for storing cartridges with a separate lock. For installation, there are also certain requirements for a hunting safe for weapons. It should be at least 1.5 meters from the front door, 0.5 meters from windows, and at least 1 meter from heating devices. Taking into account the above, choosing a suitable specialized safe for storing weapons is not difficult. On the site - the largest selection and reasonable prices, delivery of goods in Ukraine is carried out.