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Replacing the lock in the safe

Safe lock device: mechanical and electronic types

A safe is a reliable storage for valuables or finances, documents and metals, and each model taken separately has its own special lock. There are mechanical options that can be key or coded. There are modern electronic and biometric locks. And difficulties may arise: loss of a key, inability to remember the code, as well as completely realistic breakdowns of electronics or mechanisms. If you are faced with such a situation, you will need to replace the lock in the door safe and emergency opening. Only with the help of highly specialized assistance can you open the safe using the obligatory lock replacement service for the master.

Electronic versions are simpler in design, it is much easier for an experienced service employee to open them than mechanical ones. In this case, your lock will be necessarily restored or replaced. Mechanical options may require longer emergency opening and repair times.

Safe lock replacement: service details

Each safe with a special lock will require qualified specialist work. The foreman always inspects the structure and can give any necessary advice. There are at least two reasons for urgent opening and replacement:

●     attempted unauthorized hacking;

●     mechanical damage (or electronics malfunction). 

If you just lost your key, you will also urgently need the help of a specialist. Replacing the lock with a safe for his door is a difficult process for the layman, completely incomprehensible to him. Even if you have acquaintances who understand these tasks, in no case use their services. You must remember that the owner of the safe is the only person who has the right to the key or code of the lock. For office storage, of course, the option of inviting an unqualified master is also not suitable. The company will pay for the work of an experienced worker who alone has the right to perform such a task. 

The opening and replacement service includes the following offers:

●     installation of the main and auxiliary locks;

●     a thorough examination of the problem and the search for a solution;

●     repair of the structure or complete replacement of the lock.

Only a qualified master gives all guarantees, can promptly go to your aid and do the work promptly. He will accurately and accurately carry out his task. After all, replacing locks in safes is a special process, it takes place in compliance with all the strictness of technical regulations.

How is the process going?

It is wise to use combination locks in places where safes are opened as little as possible. After all, it is the constant introduction of one code that gives the combination. If it happened that the mechanism was damaged or the code was forgotten, then the master can open the structure in such a way that it will not damage either the locking device or the safe door itself.

Electronic locks are comfortable to use. In case of difficulty, you can use the master key (not available on all models). When the battery is discharged, the lock is locked; it can be opened only when using additional power sources. In this case, you need to call a technician who can replace the batteries. It is worth considering that it is important to keep such safes at low humidity and in a ventilated room. Otherwise, the electronics will be damaged. Then you may need to replace the programmable safe lock.

In any case, the process is as follows:

●     after inspection, an autopsy takes place without cutting and damage;

●     then the lock is replaced;

●     the electronic version is recoded;

●     the customer is provided with a complete instruction manual for the new equipment.

The service often includes not only the replacement of the lock itself, but also the repair of the locking mechanism. With an electronic device, this does not matter, the transcoding is performed here. Safe owners do not have to worry about the safety of the contents, because emergency opening is done very carefully! By the way, if you have a mechanical combination lock, a specialist with excellent hearing will select the required code. It will then need to be changed, re-coding the mechanism that has not been damaged (if the code is simply forgotten). All work is accompanied by service documentation confirming the legality of the employee, his qualifications and your safety.