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How to set up a hotel safe?

Safe in the hotel - how to use it correctly and without risk?

When planning a vacation or a business trip, travelers try to foresee all possible troubles and protect themselves as much as possible in advance. But there are small nuances that novice tourists do not even imagine. When traveling to another city, country, you must take with you not only identity documents, insurance, but also a bank card and a small (depending on the needs and region of visit) amount of cash.

Naturally, having arrived at the place and settled in a hotel (hotel), everyone first of all tries to remove everything of value in a safe place. Today, almost all such establishments (regardless of the number of stars) have small room safes in their rooms. As practice shows, most often, travelers experience global difficulties with them. It is especially difficult for those who first went on vacation abroad without sufficient knowledge of a foreign language, and there is no instruction in Russian.

But sometimes even experienced travelers experience some difficulties, since the number of variations of small safes for hotels is quite large, and it is far from always possible to understand the first time what and how to do. Leaving valuables in your room unattended or carrying them with you everywhere is not the best alternative, since the percentage of troubles increases exponentially. In order to feel confident in any situation, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations on how to use the safe in the hotel.

How does the hotel safe work, depending on the type?

In large and small hotel chains, family hotels, compact safes with a small capacity are most often used, which are quite sufficient for placing valuable things, cache, and documents of guests for a short time. Their class of burglary resistance mainly varies from 1 to 3. The level of fire resistance is also low, but more is not required from such safes. Safes in hotels can be installed with the following types of locking mechanisms:

● key;      

● magnetic;      

● RFID;      

● code;      

● biometric.      

The former and the latter are extremely rare. The key lock is easy to use, but residents often lose / forget the keys, which is fraught with troubles and financial losses both for themselves and for the hotel owners. Biometric locks are the most practical, since you just need to scan the guest's fingerprint to open / close the door. But their cost is very high, so they are rarely installed and only in luxury hotels.


Magnetic and RFID locks are similar in their principle of operation. Guests, together with a room key, are issued a card with which you can open and close the door. But cards tend to be demagnetized and lost in the same way as keys. It is for the above reasons that most hotels install lockers for storing valuables with coded electronic locks. Such safes are also often purchased for home use and assume a hidden installation type. You can buy safes for a hotel / hotel, home, office in our online store

How to use a hotel safe with a coded electronic lock?

Even with a superficial acquaintance with technical devices, it is not at all difficult to understand the principle of operation of this device. On the outside of the door there is a push-button keypad, a monitor and a rotary knob. In order to bring the safe into working condition, you must enter a combination of numbers (code), which in most cases consists of 4-6 digits. In rare cases, you may need to come up with an eight-digit combination. After entering, you must press the control key (it can be “*” or “#”). If everything is in order, the device will beep and you will hear the sound of the constipation being triggered. In order to open the safe, you need to follow the same procedure.

For many, the question remains: how to set up a safe in a hotel so as not to accidentally be left without documents and money? First you need to make sure that the device is in working order. When the keys are pressed, a beep should be heard and the dialing numbers or “*” should appear on the screen. When checking into a room, the safe must be empty and its door must be open. If you suspect that the device is not working, you need to contact the reception. Before placing personal items in the safe, you need to check its operability several times and test whether the lock reacts to the user's code. Each hotel has detailed instructions with pictures near the safe or right on its door.