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Furniture safes: how to choose?

Furniture safes: how to choose?

Each person has things that need special storage conditions. These are not only jewelry and money, but also important documents. Weapons should also be hidden from prying eyes, this is required by law. In this case, installing a furniture safe will help. It should be borne in mind that the safe must protect not only from criminals, but also from fires or floods. Most often it is presented in the form of a metal structure with an elaborate protection system. Safes are often disguised as furniture so that they are not conspicuous.

Constructions that are built into the furniture do not take up useful space. Moreover, they are reliable. Furniture safes are usually lightweight and small in size. There are models that are built into sofas or dressers.

The main difference is the type of locking mechanism

The reliability of a safe depends on many parameters. The main one is the type of the castle. Modern safes are produced with the following mechanisms:

●     Key. This option is suitable for those who cannot remember the digital code. The safe can be easily opened with a key. Its cost is lower than that of other types, due to the simplicity of the device and the cost of the product itself.

●     Codeov. In this case, you cannot use a duplicate key. The locking mechanism is reliable, it does not jam. The main disadvantage is the long unlocking time. While the owner is turning the knob, it becomes possible to copy the combination. The biggest problem is the forgotten combination. It will take a long time to restore the code.

●     Code electronic. Such a device is simple and convenient to use. If the owner forgets the code, it is restored using a special master key, but not all models have it. Such a furniture safe is equipped with several levels of protection, it can be quickly opened and, if desired, reprogrammed in a few minutes. The device requires batteries, which can suffer from high humidity.     

●     Biometric. A fingerprint is required to open such a product. There are also models with face recognition. The advantage is increased reliability. It should be borne in mind that such a safe is expensive, due to the fact that there is no particular variety of such an innovation on the market at the moment. 

Various materials are used for the manufacture of safes. The most reliable product is considered to be made of sheet steel. Products with the lowest degree of protection have walls 1-10 mm thick. Double steel walls are used for better protection. For reinforcement, an additional layer is laid between them. If protection of valuables from the effects of fire is required, a safe with three-layer walls is chosen. Additional layers are located between the layers of steel material, which transfer thermal effects.

Like all other furniture, safes can be made to order. In this case, various materials are used, additional protective measures are installed.               

How to choose a furniture safe?

Choosing a safe is a responsible occupation. This takes into account a lot of parameters. Attention should be paid to the class of burglary resistance and fire resistance. There are twelve such classes, it is necessary to select products, taking into account the general parameters of the room. In the event that important documents will be stored in the safe, you should pay attention to models with shelves inside. To store jewelry, you should choose a more reliable product - a furniture safe with an electronic lock. Combined models have the highest cost, as they are usually made according to individual drawings. 

The type of locking mechanism is of great importance. To store papers from children, a model is sufficient, which can be locked with a key. A furniture safe with a combination lock can provide better security. The biometrics option should be used for storing large amounts of cash or important documents.

In the selection process, you need to take into account the conditions in which the product will be installed. In order for a furniture safe to reliably protect valuables, its installation must be carried out by professionals.

Furniture safes of various types are offered by the online store Griffonsafes. Experts will help you choose the right model, taking into account all conditions.