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Fire resistance classes of safes

The fire resistance class of a safe is an important aspect for storing paper documents

There are different ways to keep valuables from intruders or various emergency situations. The most convenient of them is to buy a specialized iron box with special properties. It can be burglar-resistant, fire-resistant and fire-resistant. Nowadays it is possible to purchase a safe of almost any size according to current requests. If burglar-resistant models are more suitable for jewelry and money, then it is better to store important paper documentation in a fire-resistant safe. In this case, you can count on its safety during a fire.

The design of burglar and fire-resistant safes is significantly different. The latter consist of several layers of steel, between which a special fire-resistant filler is tightly placed. Most often it is fine-porous foam concrete. Due to its special structure, it has low thermal conductivity and contributes to the preservation of the contents of the box for a certain period of time. An important point - fire-resistant models do not contain any holes, they are completely sealed. For additional protection against theft, anchor assemblies are provided at the bottom of the case. To understand which kind of safe is worth buying for a home, office or other type of institution, it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail on the classification according to the degree of fire resistance.

Fire resistance classes of safes

There are generally accepted standards according to which the temperature during a fire inside the safe should not exceed 160 degrees during the time declared by the manufacturer. Usually, these data are indicated in the instructions, the grounds for their determination are special tests. The temperature regime is checked; for this, the safe with its contents is heated to very high values ​​for a time corresponding to the class of the safe. The box is then allowed to cool naturally and the integrity of the contents is checked. At the second stage of testing, the situation of a safe falling is simulated, it is exposed to a jet from a hydrant and heated. If the sensors installed inside record the permissible temperature values, and the paper does not char, then the fire resistance class corresponds to the declared one. There are 4 classes of safes fire resistance in total:

● 30B - the contents will remain intact for 30 minutes at temperatures above 1000 ° C;      

● 60B - paper values ​​are stored for an hour with constant external exposure to fire;      

● 90B - the safe will protect the contents within an hour and a half of exposure to temperatures above 1000 ° C;      

● 120B - two hours, securities, documents and money will remain safe during a fire.      

It should be borne in mind that fire-resistant models usually have weak burglary protection. If this property is important to you, it is advisable to buy burglar-resistant models.

Selection criteria for fire-resistant safes

If you need to protect important documents, securities and cash in the event of a fire, it is worth choosing a safe model suitable for this task. Carefully study the characteristics of the product, make sure that you have the appropriate accompanying documentation, instructions, certificates. The junction of the door and the case must be additionally protected with a special thermal tape. If you plan to fasten the safe to the floor, check for an anchor assembly. A very important point is the locking device. Typically, classic cylinder locks are used for refractory models.

Based on the volume of documentation and other types of values, the overall dimensions of the iron box are selected. Consider the installation method that works best for you, it can be built into the wall, floor, furniture or floor. The cost of a product depends on many factors, including the manufacturer. It is better to give preference to proven brands, including the Paritet-K company . The demanded lines from GRIFFON, MySafe, HUNTER are also well known to the domestic buyer and do not raise doubts in terms of compliance with the declared characteristics. The best choice and the most reasonable prices for fire-resistant, burglar-resistant and fire-burglar-resistant safes are on the website